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Stainless Steel provides affordable option in economy of skyrocketing silver and gold prices

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp wearing skull jewelry? A retired M.D. purchasing a skull ring with thrill from a Florida retailer, Atocha Treasure Jewelry? That’s right. Heavy Metal jewelry has become increasingly popular in the fashion world as it continues its appeal to the biker and rocker subcultures.

The history of Heavy Metal Jewelry tells us that sporting its symbols is often a statement of rebellion, but is also a statement of power and is meant to represent an attitude of freedom and independence – like the feeling of riding that motorcycle through the wind without boundaries. In addition, historians indicate that the skull symbol is not meant to represent death, but rather the undying soul and afterlife. This has long been interpreted from the use of the image in the Middle Ages to depict fertility of life, and by images of winged skulls on graves representing the deceased’s soul rising to heaven.

With the ever-rising cost of gold and silver, the use of stainless steel offers the opportunity for those without enough wealth to obtain pieces of this jewelry, whether rings, bracelets, necklaces, or pendants, to purchase such items in stainless steel without the high cost. Bikers should be excited to have this low cost alternative.

Since families, retirees, older women, weekend professionals, etc. have begun forming biker groups and riding for vacations, the appeal of heavy metal, and particularly biker jewelry, has greatly broadened its market. Stainless steel products will allow these new middle-class bikers to round out their sport with traditional biker symbols.

Kenny Miller, of Atocha Treasure Jewelry, has been manufacturing sterling silver coin replicas and 14k jewelry for 25 years in Estero, Florida. He began in 1985 by producing replicas of the coins that Mel Fisher, a well-known American treasure hunter, discovered in the sunken Spanish galleon, Senora de Atocha, off the coast of Key West, Florida. Knowing that most people could not afford to buy any of the $400 million worth of gold and silver coins being sold by Fisher, Atocha Treasure Jewelry began producing sterling silver replicas for a much lower cost. Miller’s company served a large market for these precisely produced coins, as well as jewelry, for this 25 years.

To further his markets in need of inexpensive products, Miller is now producing stainless steel heavy metal biker jewelry for wholesale and individual use. So again, Atocha Treasure Jewelry is providing an affordable product, this time for bikers, rockers and other persons of the “born to be wild” self-definition.

Miller creates and crafts his jewelry with use of a scanning and milling machine, also known as a CAD/CAM. By this process, the item of jewelry is designed by computer software or scanned in 3D to a special printer with a milling spindle, which actually cuts the design sent from the computer. The system results in absolute precision and infinite variation, allowing a more desirable appearance to some than handmade versions. This system, substituting for handcrafting, also reduces cost, despite the fact that each piece of jewelry is individually produced.

Atocha Treasure Company LLC is excited to pursue its new venture and meet the needs of the heavy metal community.

Atocha Treasure Company LLC was founded in 1985 to provide consumers with a wide choice of sterling silver replications and gold jewelry, and now including heavy metal biker stainless steel jewelry. The new website,, offers a complete catalogue of products, company information and ordering access.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Kenny Miller, please call Kenny at 800-650-9030 or 239-948-6915 or email Kenny at


Where do dreamers like well noted Estero  jeweler Ken Miller get their inspiration for new product ideas? How is it that many of the most  successful product launches come from men who make their way through life thinking outside the box?

From the minds of men to the street

Kenny Miller has been a successful jeweler in Southwest Florida for over 30 years. He creates beautiful silver and gold decorative jewelry for the well heeled patrons near his shop in Estero. Several years ago, his launch of a line of duplicate treasure items was a huge success as he captured the imagination of thousands of adventurous souls who were fascinated by the recent discovery of a massive horde of treasure recovered from the ancient Spanish Galleon, Atocha that had sunk during a hurricane in 1622. It laid undiscovered off the east coast of Florida for over 300 years until discovered by the treasure hunter, Mel Fisher in 1985. In a word, the find was described as “HUGE.”

Ken was actually able to purchased some of the rare Spanish coins and recovered artifacts after some of the legal wrangling opened up that possibility. He then went about his craft, dutifully recreating them in silver. His investment was  His line which appears at was an instant success. Unfortunately Ken and his Atocha Treasure Company were hurt by a band of illegal Internet hoaxters who stole his ideas and begin copying and selling their cheap imitations.

Disappointed but certainly not ready to conceed, Ken took steps to protect his interests by instituting a number of costly legal maneuvers that helped hold the counterfeiters at bay.

That’s when a new idea came to mind. After researching untold possibilities, most of which completely removed from his normal frame of reference and comfort zone, a bold idea came to mind that would take off like a hurricane thanks to the Internet and Ken’s experience with that medium.   Jeweler Ken became Biker Ken.

Ken’s idea was to develop lines of dramatic, affordable jewelry with mass appeal to the biker community. Anyone familiar with Southwest Florida couldn’t help notice the humongous number of bike riders that roar along the streets along Florida’s Gulf Coast. Further market studies indicated that the world of Harley Davidson, BMW, Honda and other manufacturers was a gigantic one, that was growing by leaps and gigantic bounds in all parts of Florida and the rest of the country.

The guys and gals who ride their Harleys are a demonstrative group of individuals. Unconventional by nature, they love to wear their highly decorated colors and ornamentation when riding into town, straight pipes thundering, or meet at mass rallies on Pine Island, Fort Myers and all along the Keys. Research told Ken that the motorcycle craze was exploding all through the nation. That meant that the market potential for his biker jewelry was even larger than first thought.

Favorite symbols of the riders are skeletons, skulls, iron crosses. bikes and similar objects associated with heavy metal, paramilitary and biker groups. All of these objects fit in nicely with Miller’s abilities as a master jeweler. He had the knowledge, the equipment and the desire to create an entire line of specialized, unique rings, bracelets, pendants and other biker related ornamentation. Of  particular note are his very unique bike chain bracelets done in his patented and copyrighted crystal and stainless combination and offered in a number of variations.

Ken rolled the dice, and before long his new biker line was launched and heartily accepted by the biker community. You can find his collection of  “grunge gone classic” jewelry at The site.

Much of this very dramatic biker line is made of an extra durable stainless steel. This is the best grade of stainless available. In fact, most surgical instruments used today are made of the same material. This highly polished metal lends itself to accepting highly defined detail. It gives off an hi tech industrial identity.

To Ken’s surprise, other non biking segments in the fashion world soon take notice. It was only a few short weeks after the biker jewelry line was introduced, many of his unique biker items began appearing on the wrists, necks and fingers of celebrities, entertainers and other trendsetters. Sturgis Biker Jewelry had  arrived.

Who knew? Ken did.


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Heavy Metal Jewelry Article, “Round and About”, THE DELAND-DELTONA BEACON
Date:        April 18, 2012
Pub. Date:    April 25?
Source:    Kenny Miller, Atocha Jewelry Co., 239-948-6915
Title:        Biker Jewelry from Atocha:  Craftsmanship Soars, Yet Prices Fall
Writer:    Brian Meddaugh

Heavy Metal Biker Jewelry, previously worn by a small, wealthy wild bunch, has spread into the general fashion market.  Not only are movie stars now wearing Skull Jewelry, many doctors, lawyers, and business owners have been purchasing skull rings, pendants, and bracelets.  It’s not just for the rich, either.  Folks in the middle income bracket are also wearing Heavy Metal.  Even when motorcycle riders leave their two wheeled monsters in the garage during the week, th
ey proudly wear their Atocha Heavy Metal Biker Jewelry all day, every day.  Many of the Hard Rock crowd are doing the same.

Part of the reason for this trend is that designer Kenny Miller has created a line of stainless steel jewelry that everyone can afford.  One of his rings, which in its 14k gold or sterling silver version might have previously maxed out our credit card account, can now be had for a single payment of less than $50.00!  Miller designs each piece with 3D computer software and then reproduces the item with a computer directed spindle.  The results are just as showy as those done by hand with rare metals and yet the details are even finer.  Best of all, the production cost per unit has plummeted and Kenny has passed the savings on to his customers.

The original Atocha was one of the coin laden ships sunk by violent storms during the 17th century off Florida’s coastline.  After Mel Fisher discovered the ship and removed its treasure, the Atocha Treasure Company was founded in 1985 to make copies of the coins.  As the years went by, the Atocha Company’s other products, copies of old European jewelry, became increasingly popular and in turn, have been supplanted by the Heavy Metal line.  In other words, after 25 years in the business, Kenny Miller can make a very high quality jewelry product that meets the contemporary demand, taste, and budget.  See for yourself at www.skullbonesjewelry or call Kenny at 239-948-9615 or email him at     
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During the long involved process searching for a capable clothing designer with whom he could communicate his ideas, never in a million years did Kenny think he would find his perfect soul mate in Europe.

It seemed to Miller that Hoodies were an American product with strong roots in our core city centers. Ken discovered that Hoodies have universal appeal and have a history going back to the early middle ages when monks wore a variation on the current style.

Remember Luca the European designer we mentioned in an earlier blog? Luca, the Romanian clothing designer is as a well known creator of upscale men’s casual wear. He had spent considerable time working with a big time retail entity, when for some unknown reason, the project was tanked.

Lucky for Ken and lucky for Luca as well. Much of the preliminary design work had been completed and was transferable to the CLUB CHAOS project. Even a few of the graphics were available to Ken at a fraction of the cost of new beginning. The stars were becoming aligned.

But still, how does a gifted European designer with a world class reputation translate his skills to a uniquely American, outlandishly bold series of “in your face” graphics?

It turns out that, without realizing the flow of events, that the origins of much of the grotesques and bone chilling art that was scheduled to be used in the CLUB CHAOS CLOTHING line was not a huge departure from the ancient graphics of gargoyles, skeletons and skulls that played a part in the elaborate design themes and murals employed in Europe's ancient cathedrals and monasteries.

To Luca and his staff  of creative assistants, much of the ground work for this undertaking had been done centuries ago by the artists of the day who actually  used many of these sinister characters and graphics in their work. It was merely a question of translating the old into the new and adapting many of Ken and Lucas’ ideas into modern day wearable drama.

This was a dangerous area for Luca.  The new patterns were so uncharacteristic of his style that he chose not to put his name on the project. But he thoroughly threw himself into the scene and enjoyed his role. He remarked to Ken that he will probably regret his decision to remain anonymous when the line is successfully launched

Early previews to the design community have caused a buzz as the launch date target of Septembe 2014 draws nearer. You’ll be sorry Luca.

club chaos clothing Luca design 4-26-14 part 11