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Hey bro,
I got the order yesterday for the double skull bracelet and it is more than I expected!. That thing is awesome! I might have to get one for myself !!!
I cant thank you enough for the prompt reply from my inquiry. I also got the "extra" chain bracelet you gave me and it is fantastic as well. I am wearing it now.
As soon as I can get to the post office I will send back the bracelet that was sent to me in error on my order. I don't feel right keeping it even though you said to
give it to someone and "spread the love".
Your business and kindness is greatly appreciated and you have a customer for life in me bro. The jewelry is all you said it was and your ethic is above reproach
my friend.
Your life changing story touched my soul and it gave me the inspiration to seek out God, again, in my own way and hopefully restore my faith in mankind.
I do believe your brother was trying to tell you something after he about devine intervention...whoa !!! I too, have a brother that passed in 2000. He
commited suicide and I don't feel I fully understand why or how He allowed that to happen....but it wasn't (isn't ) my place to judge. God works in mysterious ways.
I'm sure there is a lesson there somewhere.
Anyway....I'm sure I will be ordering again.....lookin' at that skull pendant and chain (SK1422). If I order that can I get the same chain as on the SK1424?
20" chain....
Be cool you do custom work for club jewelry?
Dillon J (SPANKY) Petersen

Hey Kenny.....just an update on the poker run we did on the 13th.....Not too shabby.
Be cool and safe bro....
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
Stainless Steel
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Heavy Metal Jewelry Article, “Round and About”, THE DELAND-DELTONA BEACON
Date:        April 18, 2012
Pub. Date:    April 25?
Source:    Kenny Miller, Atocha Jewelry Co., 239-948-6915
Title:        Biker Jewelry from Atocha:  Craftsmanship Soars, Yet Prices Fall
Writer:    Brian Meddaugh

Heavy Metal Biker Jewelry, previously worn by a small, wealthy wild bunch, has spread into the general fashion market.  Not only are movie stars now wearing Skull Jewelry, many doctors, lawyers, and business owners have been purchasing skull rings, pendants, and bracelets.  It’s not just for the rich, either.  Folks in the middle income bracket are also wearing Heavy Metal.  Even when motorcycle riders leave their two wheeled monsters in the garage during the week, they proudly wear their Atocha Heavy Metal Biker Jewelry all day, every day.  Many of the Hard Rock crowd are doing the same.

Part of the reason for this trend is that designer Kenny Miller has created a line of stainless steel jewelry that everyone can afford.  One of his rings, which in its 14k gold or sterling silver version might have previously maxed out our credit card account, can now be had for a single payment of less than $50.00!  Miller designs each piece with 3D computer software and then reproduces the item with a computer directed spindle.  The results are just as showy as those done by hand with rare metals and yet the details are even finer.  Best of all, the production cost per unit has plummeted and Kenny has passed the savings on to his customers.

The original Atocha was one of the coin laden ships sunk by violent storms during the 17th century off Florida’s coastline.  After Mel Fisher discovered the ship and removed its treasure, the Atocha Treasure Company was founded in 1985 to make copies of the coins.  As the years went by, the Atocha Company’s other products, copies of old European jewelry, became increasingly popular and in turn, have been supplanted by the Heavy Metal line.  In other words, after 25 years in the business, Kenny Miller can make a very high quality jewelry product that meets the contemporary demand, taste, and budget.  See for yourself at www.skullbonesjewelry or call Kenny at 239-948-9615 or email him at